Our baby is  16 wks old now and we are beyond ecstatic with her. She brings so much joy to the family. She’s amazing. She is everything we could ever wish for. We are so grateful that we have her in our family. Bailey is the most sweetest, kindest, and playful puppy ever

Well he is absolutely Beautiful and high spirit ed! I would not trade her for anything. I enjoyed working with this breeder he was helpful and polite My only complaint is your phone system long and confusing at times


Sharon Livingston

Our Chase is so patient and polite! He’s been a gentleman and a compassionate loving dog from 8 weeks old. He LOVE s hugs and kisses and is so affectionate. He learns most things in four or five repetitions. I don’t know how they socialize these pups to be so exceptional in eight weeks but our dog is clearly the result or good treatment and generations of great breeding. He’s been a blessing and not an ounce of trouble.

Alicia Allan
Alicia Allan

Great experience, great people to deal with. Any questions you have they are happy to answer throughout the whole process and after. Thanks

Gail Briggs

There is not a single negative thing I could say about my experience with Violette Wagging Pals. If you are looking for a top quality dog or two! from caring and generous people with excellent customer service skills, look no further. They made a challenging process infinitely easier–and we couldn’t be more thrilled with our girls!


Elizabeth Bronconnier